What is it?

The Makers Apprenticeship offers you the chance to become a professional developer, with a nationally recognised qualification, all while getting paid.

The programme takes around 12 months to complete. You'll begin your studies with the one month at home precourse, this is also the point where you start getting paid. Following this you’ll spend the next 3 months in immersive training at Makers, followed by 8 months writing software for your employer, while continuing to learn on the job.

After 12 months, you’ll be ready to sit your ‘End Point Assessment’, and hopefully, you’ll be ready for your employer to promote you into a new role as a mid-level developer.

Why do it? 

The Makers Apprenticeship is different from any tech apprenticeship in the UK. We provide the most efficient on-ramp to a job in an exciting, high-growth, fast-paced industry with high salaries and exceptional career trajectory. Other apprenticeships can be drawn out over two, three or four years, we teach a higher quality, industry relevant in one year. 

If you’re serious about becoming a professional web developer, we can get your career kicked off today - with a real, paid job and a nationally recognised qualification.