Firstly, Makers Academy has, in the last 5 years, gone from not existing to being widely regarded as the best place in Europe to start your career as a developer.

Secondly, we’ve totally reimagined the structure of an Apprenticeship. We’ve dropped the old model, where you attend training for 1 or 2 days each week over 2 years, and we’ve front loaded all the training into an intense 4 months right at the start of the course. By doing this we’ve trimmed the length of the programme, so you’ll ‘graduate’ in half the time of most other apprentices, and you’ll be at a much higher standard as a result, since you’ll have been working as a professional developer for 8 months by the time you sit your assessment.

Lastly, employers recognise that Makers Academy Apprentices are significantly more skilled than other apprentices, and your salary will be higher to reflect this. Where most apprentices earn £15,000-20,000 each year, Makers Apprentices earn more like £25,000 per year as standard, even while studying.