Makers is committed to removing barriers to entry for a more inclusive tech future. We believe inclusivity is not about ticking boxes - the Fellowship programme was founded out of our commitment to and strong belief that inclusive tech equals better tech.

We recognise that barriers to entry are more than economic but felt that this was an important place to start. We continue to learn about and recognise the difference of experience and the course and ongoing support programme is designed to recognise and respond to varying and changing barriers holding individuals back from fulfilling their dreams of becoming professional software developers. We believe everyone deserves a job they love.  

  • Our first Fellow was a paint shop worker from Lewisham, who in 2 years has risen to become a tech lead at the Financial Times.
  • Our team have been behind the creation of Muslamic Makers, Code of Colour, as well as partnering with numerous organisations aimed at improving minority representation in tech.
  • Over 35% of our graduates have been women: two times higher than industry average.
  • We partnered with ThoughtWorks to fully fund 6 women, from socio-economically deprived backgrounds, through Makers Academy. The women were paid a salary while studying, and guaranteed jobs as software developers on graduation.
  • We also offered our first sponsored spot to a refugee during the crisis of 2016.